Clay Pot (Terracotta Clay, Wood Color)

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Material: Terracotta Clay
Product Code: CA12082016210359
Height: 25.4 cm.
Width: 45.72 cm.
Weight: 4.0 Kg.
Colors: Wood Color
Ships worldwide From India

Matchless Gifts Clay Pot Width:45.72 cm,Height:25.4 cm (Terracotta Clay, Wood Color) Price: Rs.200

Put Water and flowers leafs and decorate home.

Specifications of Clay Pot Width:45.72 cm,Height:25.4 cm (Terracotta Clay, Wood Color)

Brand: Home Decoration and Gift
Product Code: CA12082016210359
Material: Terracotta Clay
Model Name: Clay Pot
Purpose: If you want to give a surprise factor in your home, pick a hydrangea color that is in contrast to your home and place them in a large vase. This would make your visitors immediately focus on the arrangement and sooth their souls.
Color: Wood Color
"Clay Pot" has 0 review(s)
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