Mangal Kalash (Terracotta Clay, Wood Color)

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Material: Terracotta Clay
Product Code: CA12082016211219
Height: 22.86 cm.
Width: 12.7 cm.
Weight: 0.7 Kg.
Colors: Wood Color
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Matchless Gifts Mangal Kalash Width:12.7 cm,Height:22.86 cm (Terracotta Clay, Wood Color) Price: Rs.100

According to scriptures urn prosperity, is considered a symbol of wealth and desires Tue. According to mythology the mother Bhagwati Devi worship is established at the time of the first urn. Temples and houses in the days of Navratri are installed urn and worship of Goddess Durga is Vidhanpurwk law.

Specifications of Mangal Kalash Width:12.7 cm,Height:22.86 cm (Terracotta Clay, Wood Color)

Brand: Home Decoration and Gift
Product Code: CA12082016211219
Material: Terracotta Clay
Model Name: Mangal Kalash
Purpose: Vase is of great importance in the religious functions. Auspicious functions such as launch, new business, new year starts, house-Diwali worship, ritual sacrifice, etc. On the occasion of Durga Puja is the first established pitcher.  
Color: Wood Color
"Mangal Kalash" has 0 review(s)
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